Friday, April 28, 2006

Old Man

Another old guy shuffling his way through the cross walk

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Tuesday, April 25, 2006


This guy was using a newspaper stand as a conga drum and singing. I'd like to think he was singing "Babalu".

Friday, April 21, 2006

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Friday, April 07, 2006

Little kid + large soda at 9AM = a day of hyperactive fun.

The Thin Man

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bonus Sketches

Just for fun, here's some sketches I did during my son's swimming lessons last week.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Standing in the rain, wearing a plastic bag.

Monday, April 03, 2006

T-shirtius Giganticus #3

Now complete with iTunes.
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